6 Crave-Worthy Waffles in Denver by Lucy Beaugard August 2016

Central Bistro and Bar—in the LoHi neighborhood—is known to have an impressive whiskey menu and some of the tastiest craft cocktails. If you haven’t dove into their food menu, though, I recommend their Nutella Waffle($8). It’s soft and doughy on the inside and crisp on the outside, served over a generous swirl of Nutella then sprinkled with Speculoos cookie crumbles and a healthy serving of Vietnamese coffee ice cream. Let’s be honest, you really can’t go wrong in the dessert department with a little extra love and nutella spread. 

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Denver's Best Restaurants Right Now
Eat Seeker by Thrillist August 2016

Despite the departure of Chef Matt Selby late last year, Central didn't missed a step as their former sous chef Jesse Vega transitioned to to the head role in the kitchen. Many of the old favorites remain (we're talking to you, shrimp tacos and boxcar burger), but dishes like the piri piri octopus and grilled pork chop with a red-eye agrodolce (a spin on the Southern classic red eye gravy), refried black eyed peas, and tomato and pea shoot salad show a knack for creativity that makes us look forward to every trip back.

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By MOLLY MARTIN April 4, 2016

Happy hour: that most pleasurable time of day, when work is over and cheap drinks are flowing like the mighty Colorado River. We know, you can go almost anywhere in Denver around 5:30pm on a weekday to catch a discount. But let's face it: not all happy hours are created equal. Don't waste any more time downing mediocre drinks for $1 off alongside easily forgettable food. In honor of every year you had to wait before legally drinking, we have the 21 Denver spots that will truly make you the happiest, with deals that go far beyond the basics.

Central Bistro & Bar

There’s no need to rush to this happy hour, since it runs all day on Sundays and Tuesdays, as well as from 2-6pm Wednesday-Saturday. Spend an evening on the patio, scoping out the Downtown views and sampling anything (and everything) off a menu that includes zesty Baja shrimp tacos ($3) and some of the best mussels you'll find in town ($9). All the drinks on special are $5 or less, and include well spirits, cocktails, beer, and a selection of wines by the glass that rotate seasonally.

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50 States Series: Top Romantic Restaurants Worth Traveling For
FlipKey by Tripadvisor on Jan 29, 2016

Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate the love in your life. Buy some chocolates, a new piece of jewelry, write a thoughtful note in a card, and of course, a romantic dinner at a luxury restaurant. Splitting a bottle of wine over a clean white tablecloth surrounded by world-class waiters at your beck and call – that sounds like a night to remember.

As the date draws near this year, let us help you narrow down the choices on where to go for that important meal. We compiled a list of the top romantic restaurant in each state worth traveling for. The nominations are based on the restaurant’s ambiance, menu, service, and traveler reviews. With this list you’ll be able to plan a memorable evening in your home state, or if you’re traveling and looking to light a spark on a special night out. So go ahead, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day (or any day, really) to a romantic evening at any of these award-winning establishments. Bon appetit!

Alabama (Huntsville): Cotton Row Restaurant

Alaska (Anchorage): ORSO

Arizona (Phoenix): Christopher’s Restaurant

Arkansas (Little Rock): Brave New Restaurant

California (Santa Monica): The Little Door

Colorado (Denver): Central Bistro and Bar

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Denver Eater - The Ultimate Guide to Take Out for Super Bowl Sunday
Gigi Sukin on Jan 28, 2016, 1:01p

The fare best associated with football is as much an American past time as the game itself – Cheesy nachos and meaty tacos, foot-longs, sloppy but satisfying Buffalo wings, burgers, brats, chili and cornbread, and of course ice, cold beer.

If you're #unitedinorange and playing host for a Super Bowl party, some winning takeout from these local restaurants can let you concentrating on sending the good vibes to our home team. Be sure to place your order with enough notice and go Broncos!

1 Central Bistro and Bar

With buffalo rib and Central's famous chicken confit wing party packs, you can't go wrong at for your at-home party planning needs. Both come fully cooked, so your only prep will be heating them up and serving them up hot. Sauces come in three tasty varieties – honey mustard, whiskey garlic and classic buffalo. Orders can be placed by 2 p.m. on February 4.

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Zagat - The 10 Best Things We Ate in Denver in 2015
By Lori Midson | December 7, 2015

Denver's best dishes from 2015 came from gastronomic temples chaperoned by big-name chefs, off-the-beaten-path storefronts and everything in between. Because the Mile High City, as those of us who live here already know, is a wonderful place to eat. But taste, of course, is subjective, so while these are our top bites of the year, we'd love to know what yours are too. Tell us about your favorite dish from the past year in the comment section below, or shout it out on Twitter: @ZagatDenver.

  • Corned beef hash from Central Bistro and Bar

    Admirers of this LoHi seasonal American, whose kitchen is overseen by up-and-coming chef Jesse Vega, are enamored with the brunch-only corned beef hash — a crisp-edged, texturally perfect sphere of shredded potatoes and salty corned beef that's elevated with pickled shallots, scallions and a yolk-spilling poached egg. The effect is a delightful morning glory that you'll want to extend to a weekend ritual.

    Price: $12

    1691 Central St.; 303-477-4582
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Just like your mom, when we say now, we mean NOW. So when we say that these are the best restaurants in Denver, we don’t mean they’re the best yesterday, tomorrow, or even all-time. No, we mean that -- whether they're established eateries or brand-new spots -- you should be eating at these places right now, or you’re gonna be in serious trouble, young man!

Central Bistro & Bar

Central had always been good, sometimes very good. But when Chef Matt Selby took over the kitchen, it instantly developed a new depth of character. Though a vet, he’s still got the enthusiasm of a newbie, and it shows in everything from elaborate foie graspreparations and earthy soups, to the way he squeezes flavor out of the humblest vegetables. And he’s not the only one having fun: the talented bar crew’s always doing something new, the servers think on their feet like an improv group, and you’d have to be wallowing in Morrissey-grade misery to resist going with the flow.

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